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What is the purpose of free radio stations? Free radio stations are way to listen to music without the advertisement and commercials from the major corporations. Now not all free radio stations are ad or commercial free, any radio stations do have ads and commercials. These are still free radio stations but free in a different way. These radio stations are free for you to listen to but they still charge for advertisement and commercial time. The radio stations which charge for advertisement and commercial space differ big time from the radio stations which do not have advertisement or commercial space. First off radio stations which charge for ads and commercials have to cater to their sponsors. Don’t you hate it when you’re listening to a radio station and they go to commercial all 7 minutes? That is because they have to make room for all of their sponsor’s ads […]

A bride-to-be has a full plate when it comes to making decisions and narrowing away options for her special day. If you are about to be married, then you know all about the likely stresses of wedding planning. Who knew it would be so hard, right? With so many details to organize and so many elements of your wedding day to make special, it is hard to keep track of everything that is important. One element of great weddings that is often overlooked is the music. A ceremony and a reception are never complete without a great selection of wedding music. Doing a music search or two can be the best ways to find great tunes. I love helping brides plan all detail of their weddings. It is what I do for fun and it is also my job. I love helping make weddings extra special by adding little touches […]

Online music provider Napster was made famous for offering free music downloads. Back in the 1990’s that philopsophy was their undoing. Today Napster is back with a new legal way to listen to music for free without any contracts or other obligations. Music lovers can browse through their library of millions of tracks from every genre and listen to the complete song just by clicking on a link. You can use these links to allow others to instantly access the same music that you were just listening to by posting them in your blog, on your web site, or in an email message. What’s the catch? You can only listed to a song five times before you have to buy it and without paying a subscription or buying the track you only get access to the low-fidelity version. Still, the service provides the complete track for most songs, not only […]

There are many choices available today if you are a contemporary art collector. Whether online or offline, depending on your budget and preferences, there are a lot of places where you can buy contemporary art If you are a serious contemporary art collector, pay a visit to your local fine art auction house. They usually have a schedule of the list of contemporary art to be auctioned on any day as well as some background information on the art pieces being auctioned. If you do not have the budget or cannot find an art auction house near your neighbourhood, get online and there are also many sites offering a wide range contemporary art auctions. There are many art galleries who have taken their art pieces online to help people decide whether a particular style of contemporary art suits them. Just search for art galleries on google bring up nearly 1000 […]

Should you wish to avail yourself of some download music for your Ipod, I would definitely recommend the legal free music. Very large numbers of people own an Ipod, and there are many of these people who try to find the music they want on disreputable P2P sites, where many of them have found their computers infected with viruses. I’ve told people time and again about the free legal music download sites but they aren’t listening. Will you? For my guide to the best sites to download legal free music for ipod from, please visit http://www. ipodlowdown. com The benefits of free legal music downloads-1 One of the most important benefits of these legal download sites for your Ipod is that you are not breaking the law. The Government or law enforcement officers will not come chasing after you, and record labels will not be seeking to take legal action. […]

Not many years ago nobody had heard about music downloads and free music was nothing but a dream. When we wanted to play music we had to listen to radio, watch TV or go to the Music Store and buy our music which meant; long playing records (abbreviated as LP), extended playing records (abbr. EP), single playing records (with a and b sites though) or CDs. Time has changed. The popularity of online music downloads has soared in recent years thanks to devices such as the iPod and cell phones which can now play music everywhere you go. Unfortunately as many avid music listeners know the costs of subscription music services can add up quick. Thanks to underground music sites which offer free downloads of independent artists and bands there are alternatives to taking a bite out costs. These sites offer downloads of free music at no cost with no […]

Internet radio is occasionally an overlooked feature of the Internet. The act of broadcasting music over the Internet in this way is referred to as streaming music and there are many stations that offer streaming over the Internet. You will often find that your favorite terrestrial station may be found online, but there are just as many radio stations that are transmitted solely over the Internet. One of the biggest benefits of Internet radio is that the data is transmitted over the Internet making it possible to listen to radio stations from all over the world. Expatriates find this particularly beneficial. Similarly, though, it is also cheaper to produce music over the Internet and this means that smaller stations with a smaller fan base than mainstream radio requires are able to run their own radio station. This makes it ideal for those who like particular genres of music to find […]

Downloading music is a process whereby music files are opened on the Internet and saved for future use. This has become one of the world’s greatest online pastimes during recent years, and the popularity of downloading music continues to grow. Ironically, however, downloading music did not start off in the most positive light. As a matter of fact, it was considered quite illegal, and many file-sharing technologies, such as peer-to-peer networks, provided countless music to the public free of charge and without the permission of either the artists or the music copyright owners. One famous site known for this, Napster, was incited for breaking copyright laws and told to shut down. According to the Recording Industry Association of USA (RIAA), this practice was not only unlawful; it was hurting sales for the music industry–downloading music from the Internet exceedd sales of CDs and videos in some countries. Many lawsuits ensued, […]

If you’re searching for a site with unlimited music downloads for ipod, there are many things to consider. IPOD mp3 music is an excellent choice for getting the latest songs quickly and without the hassles of traveling to the music store. There are many locations right on the web that can provide you with the ideal of the ideal for much less. There are several locations that do offer a varied range of choice when it comes to IPOD mp3 music. Some offer more than others or they offer a better quality product. It will take a little looking to find the most inexpensive choice that is also the one that has what you would like to download. Once you find the right location for your IPOD mp3 music, you can easily and quickly (it seems almost instantly) download them to your PC, your notebook, or you can check out […]

In this article, I write about any of the different art galleries which people can visit when they are in London. I would very much recommend that you make time during your trip to have a look around any of the places mentioned, as they are sure to add to your experience of visiting the capital city of England. London is fast becoming a very popular weekend break destination with its long history and many attractions. As well as all of the most popular tourist attractions, such as Big Ben and The Tower Of London, there are number of quality art galleries which people can and should also visit. The art galleries which I would recommend people to visit in London: Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace This gallery shows various pieces from the Royal Collection including famous works by Leonardo and Vermeer. Their have been many additions to the amount of […]