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Today, it seems just about everyone has a MySpace page. At first, it seemed the site was only geared towards teenagers, but today, many adults are readily found on MySpace. Whether you use MySpace as a way to keep in touch with friends, family members, or for networking purposes, everyone agrees that having a well-designed profile page is crucial to making the best MySpace connections.

There are a number of ways to jazz up your MySpace page. Some of the most popular ways include choosing a background layout or theme for your page. This includes code that will display a picture on the background of your page, as well as various graphic based icons for your message box items. These always add a personal touch to your personal page.

Another way that people add personality to their MySpace pages is by creating graphic headers. These include using your specified font, typing in a word or phrase, and then creating your header. Often you can choose from a graphic print to fill in your header, or glitter text. These glitter texts are animated and really add a touch of pizzazz to any MySpace site.

You can also add a number of pictures on your MySpace page as well. These pictures may be uploaded to websites that host photos, and then you can display them on your MySpace page by adding the code into any of the boxes that you prefer.

When you edit your profile page, you can enter code into any of the boxes, such as About Me, I’d Like to Meet, Interests, Music, Movies, Television, Books, and Heroes. To add any of the graphics, backgrounds, layouts, or photos to your page, just enter the code in any of those boxes and then choose, “Preview Section” or “Preview Profile”. You will then be able to view the changes and decide if you are satisfied with your page’s new appearance. When you like the new look, click on “Save Most Changes”.

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